Throughout history humankind looked for guidance, clarity, and reassurance from those who are in position of influence in hopes these few will aid in the eventual end to whatever clear and present danger society faces. 

These individuals are not many.  All, “true”, leaders make decisions not for the ease of implementing them or how the choices are perceived by others but for the benefit of many, even in the face of not maintaining the status quo.

Competent leaders perceive threats and have an innate ability to foresee the path needed to guide those who they represent.  The task to lead comes with varying levels of difficulty.  The majority of most leaders very seldom face a crisis outside the normal parameters of society and are never tested.  This creates a danger to those they lead.  When this danger involves human life, the threat is magnified and the urgency to find great leaders becomes the utmost of importance.

During elections we are forced to vote either Red or Blue as any alternatives who threaten the status-quo are quickly dismissed as irrelevant.  A candidate who is neither a Democrat nor Republican may motivate those who decided not to vote.  For some reason Americans push anything different than what is normal away, casting them as inferior.

I want a candidate to represent all in an inclusive campaign.  One who can unite us despite our differences and make all Americans feel included no matter the level of representation or office they hold. A leader who views our differences as irrelevant but understands how important those differences are.

I am not sold on the left’s claim of inclusion because they continue a campaign of discontent against the right claiming their ideology is wrong. How can you accept all and different beliefs then contradict yourself by refusing to accept a belief from the right? The left stands for differences and will protect them at all costs; defending American Values. If you had a campaign that accepted all Americans, your party would be one I could understand.

The right has limits themselves, wanting to hold on to the way it was, the way it used to be, and the way it should be as it is a superior approach to any other way. But, at any given moment these wonderful people will give their life without thinking twice for anyone who is different than them because they defend American Values as well.

The partisanship will destroy our Nation, not unite it. We must not let our differences tear us apart. Americans must not continue to elect leaders on the basis of political affiliation.

Our elected officials focus on our differences and exploit an emotional response from each and everyone of us. Our division is a direct result of politicians representing party lines instead of people. They represent division as such the people reflect division. We must lead from the front. If you want people to have respect for others then our politicians must give respect to others. We can always do better and should pursue better.

I have wonderful friends who are Republicans, Democrats and have conservative or liberal views but respect me as a person; although I am neither. Both sides have flaws and neither are absolutely correct, just an alternative being different from each other. It is okay to have a different opinion from others, matter of fact; we should encourage it.

That is what it means to be an American. To stand united and protect one another from external threats. Our country is composed of many different people, beliefs, and ideas. When a person can represent these multiple differences maybe that will be the beginning of how to correctly run this beautiful system of governance.

When group-think is prevalent, so is hate, intolerance, and the opposite of progress. We, as a people, must learn to live with each other or we will soon learn only to hate each other. We are better than this.

I am not political, I am very opinionated and want nothing but my fellow Americans to support and defend each other. My thinking has never attacked one side in favor of the other. I see flaws in both Republicans and Democrats but I also see myself in them; ~American~.

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