American Values

What Are American Values?

American Values allow each one of us to live a life we choose to live.  Not a life that someone else chooses for us.  A life that is free from persecution allowing people and their children to live in a world where they have the ability to be free thinkers to achieve greatness or create a better world if they so choose.

Americans must and need to remove the notion of being offended.  Actual harm is different than being offended.  America and true freedom is allowing others to exist who offend you.  When an individual violates a protected right of another, a line is crossed and accountability must be had.

Those who are held accountable must have the ability to move beyond their mistakes.  This allows for growth and further integration back into our society.  We learn from our mistakes and create a better version of ourselves because of those mistakes.  People are not a direct reflection of their past and we must allow ourselves to forgive to provide a chance for people to be more than their mistakes.

With understanding and forgiveness we allow those who made mistakes to once again belong in our society.  When Americans create an environment conducive to growth, our people can accomplish great things.

Our strength, our power, our beginning has always been about protecting our differences through freedom and it is high time Americans start remembering that.  We must not allow our differences to divide and destroy.  We must unite and enjoy this beautiful Nation together; allowing American Values to flow free.

Freedoms of the Constitution are the only way we can live with each other; Freedoms of the Constitution are rules that allow people with differences to coexist; Freedoms of the Constitution give us the the blueprint to live in harmony. If at anytime the freedoms of the Constitution are threatened; Peace can never be obtained.

The enemy of freedom has and always will be a government trying to inflict its will on a people.  All Americans should be against any group of people who try to take away freedoms of others on behalf of a ruling party in the name of a government.

Let us unite and stand with one another so we may Defend American Values together.  By doing this we can ensure every American has the freedom to choose the life  that represent and is important to them; whatever that may be.

My Mission

To bring back a united citizenry, one who will support and defend the Constitution together despite our differences.

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I believe our solution to the divisiveness in our Nation will be leaders outside of partisanship.  A removal of the status quo and a commitment to a better future.  A future for all Americans.

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When you vote, vote for a candidate who convinced you they were worthy of you vote, not a party line or talking points.

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West Virginia represents more than ourselves, we are not a political party, we are Mountaineers; a place you can be free—Montani Semper Liberi. Our history with the Civil War, the coal mines, and the grit of those in Appalachia can be lessons for the rest of the Country.
Vigilance, Resoluteness, Commitment; Americans must must maintain these if we are to Defend American Values.  We cannot allow ourselves to be controlled from the ideas of our past, nor should that be the agreed upon standard. The status quo is seldom the best way forward. If we are able to adjust a small part of a system to make it function more efficiently for more people, what are we waiting for?

Defending American Values

We no longer have a united vision of what America should and we lost our standards of how to treat one another. When our leaders disagree, they ignore compromise and instead, substitute understanding and knowledge with lack of respect and ignorance; only to throw more fuel on the fire of intolerance. And, all they were able to accomplish was the normalization of aggressive behavior that was viewed, consumed, and repeated by others.

We must understand the consequences of what is occurring. It is a cycle people are continuing to repeat. Passing down hate to their children and their children’s children. Generation after generation of intolerance for anyone who has an opinion different than yours.  This is unbecoming of what America represents.

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