America Needs Dialogue

America Needs Dialogue

Our inability to speak to one another and our failure to create dialogue has removed an important way to resolve conflict. This prevents Americans from moving towards an understanding or compromise.  Conflict has and always will occur among people.  The only possible way to constructively solve it is by talking it out.  We cannot do this by censoring one side, or as a society grab your social warrior battle gear to claim harm by another’s opinion.

Somehow we even convinced ourselves to let them believe that part of the Constitution contains the notion that they should be protected from being offended. It is quite the opposite. We must protect the unpopular with the popular. That is what it means to be an American and giving true freedom to all. Being a part of and living in a society where a person offends you is what freedom looks like.

Benjamin Franklin and the rest of our forefathers continued to give us directions to be successful and hints to destroy our country if we so chose to do it. 

“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech”

~Benjamin Franklin~

We failed our forefathers, we failed to protect the Constitution, and we failed each other. Not because we aren’t capable or undeserving of the gift of freedom, but because for far too long those we elected and put above us; beat us down telling us we could not do it without them, all while dismantling the architecture of America’s protections. The greatest success of their cancerous views; convincing us we wanted it and it was the only way to move forward.

I fear for America. As she may not possess enough people to right the wrongs of those before us. We must correct those mistakes and prevent the destruction of this great Nation.  We need those who possess the competency and ability to change the future for the benefit of all and the American way of life.

Please do not mistake my words as a complete dismissal or lack of understanding for how people feel and what issues matter to them.  My support has and always will be for the voiceless, the persecuted, and those who seek justice from those who have the position and authority to give it.  The system is not broken we just have competency issues in the ones we appointed to protect us.

Do not misinterpret or take my position out of context.  I assure you I am a rare true patriot who believes in America more than anything and would die to protect the people she represents and will protect it at all costs. 

And, if you are in anyway a true patriot or enjoy the American way of life, regardless if you are an American or not, come let us protect it together before we all come to regret not heeding the warnings gifted by history and those who came before us.

We are in an exceedingly rare timeline of history and together we can continue to improve the greatest way to govern a society of free men and women.  We are so very blessed as we have been given three of the greatest gifts in the history of human civilization.

We were born into this Nation without having to pay the cost.  We were given instructions on how to keep it.  And, thanks to history and the many mistakes made by societies before us, we know what not to do and what occurs when we fail to follow these instructions.  It seems as if the choice is an easy one.

Please believe in something. Whether it be religion, America, the rule of law, the judicial system, the police officers and soldiers who protect us, your neighbor Timmy down the block, or simply the great wisdom we so often fail to leave for our children.

What you chose to believe in is irrelevant as all choices, at the core, are pure; representing the best way to treat one another.  It is not until these beliefs come in contact with human interaction a problem exists.  That is when people perverse it, that is when a belief system becomes flawed. 

Let us not be judged by future generations as the “Ones who ruined it for the rest of us.” 

If this is not something you are willing to do;

“I assure you, you do not belong here, and do not deserve the result of the great many sacrifices those before us made, so we may share -EQUALLY- the protections this great Nation has to offer”

            Shawn Paul Cosner

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