Representing West Virginia

Public Policy Interests

Currently, the only public policy I am concerned about is decency and truth. We have let behavior that is unbecoming of public servants infiltrate our system. Our leaders have also hidden, embellished, or weaponized the truth or a half-truth simply to self-promote and target other Americans.  I am not pointing fingers nor am I saying anyone is wrong, but we all can do better.

Our system is designed to find truth by allowing open discussion on the floor and dialogue so we may move forward with legislation that benefits all Americans not just one group or political party. It is time for the American people to remind those in power what the system was designed to accomplish and how Congress should operate—in the best interests of the People.

West Virginia represents more than ourselves, we are not a political party, we are Mountaineers; a place you can be free. “Montani Semper Liberi” Our history with the Civil War, the coal mines, and the grit of those in Appalachia can be lessons for the rest of the Country.
Vigilance, Resoluteness, Commitment; Americans must must maintain these if we are to Defend American Values.  We cannot allow ourselves to be controlled from the ideas of our past, nor should that be the agreed upon standard. The status quo is seldom the best way forward. If we are able to adjust a small part of a system to make it function more efficiently for more people, what are we waiting for?

Political Philosophy

My political philosophy is personal accountability, national security, and fiscal responsibility all executed in respect to and in protection of the Constitution. The Constitution is the governing document of this nation, not its politicians.  This is how I will lead and represent West Virginians.  Always in the best interest of her people.

Below are positions of interest that I will work tirelessly on to make more efficient, accessible, and equitable.

Covid-19 Responsibility Assessment—to address falsities pushed by politicians ensuring the public will always be aware of the truth.
Protection of the Constitution from Political Party Attacks
Personal Accountability of Government Actors
Fiscal Responsibility
National Security
Coal Advocacy and Energy Independence
West Virginia Small Businesses
West Virginia Economy
Veteran Advocacy
Education K-12
Education Post-Secondary
Criminal Justice Reform
Consumer Protection
Wealth Creation for West Virginia Families
Youth Advocacy
Single Parent Advocacy
Voters Advocacy and Protection
Health Care Access
Promoting the Duties and Responsibilities of a Citizen

For comments, questions, and a more in depth understanding of these policies or an inquiry of the candidates’ positions on what is affecting you please email the Cosner for Congress Campaign Committee

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    Defending American Values

    We no longer have a united vision of what America should and we lost our standards of how to treat one another. When our leaders disagree, they ignore compromise and instead, substitute understanding and knowledge with lack of respect and ignorance; only to throw more fuel on the fire of intolerance. And, all they were able to accomplish was the normalization of aggressive behavior that was viewed, consumed, and repeated by others.

    We must understand the consequences of what is occurring. It is a cycle people are continuing to repeat. Passing down hate to their children and their children’s children. Generation after generation of intolerance for anyone who has an opinion different than yours.  This is unbecoming of what America represents.

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