United Citizenry

United Citizenry

I offer this thought.  How do we, Americans, continue progress and create a modern society that is accepting of all regardless of the group you belong to?  The short answer, we cant.  We will not be able to move forward because we continue to create lines and categorize each other.

In other instances, categories assist us in organizing, understanding, and assist in progress; however, this is not the case when we create, separate, and use defined lines for people.  When we add lines we add the polarization of what is wrong and right.  When this occurs tensions create friction and friction is not progress.

Yes we should celebrate our differences but not at the expense of alienating another.  A single group cannot claim superiority over another, that’s asinine.  Groups should hold one another up by respecting and treating differences with kindness.

But the world continues to categorize humankind and doing so creates more and more lines.  The more lines we add, the further away and harder it is to see our likeness.  Think about the U.S. in the beginning, regardless of why or what motivations led to the eventual formation of this great nation, a thought existed:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

This thought changed the landscape of inter-human relations in the world forever.  The first group everyone belonged to in this nation, was Americans.  Closeness, shared efficacy, and common decency for all, existed within the group.

As time went on we added line, after line, after line.  If we continue surrounding ourselves with these lines, we remove ourselves from each-other.  Compassion, empathy, and respect will also be removed.  When this occurs, a breakdown of civilization will happen.  If history has taught us anything, differences create revolutions, but they also create war, which is hell on earth.

Lines are fractures, if present in bones like society; create instability and jeopardize the integrity of our foundation.  We must heal and give great consideration so we may blur these lines to recreate our original similarity, American.

We can do better, We the People deserve better; We must Defend American Values.

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